Schneider PLC Programming cable

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Overview: TSXCUSB485C is a multi-functional programmable cable which is provides serial connection and RS485 signal conversion through the USB interface, whose power from the USB port, no long..
TSXPCX3030+:isolated USB adapter for TSX Premium (57), TSX Micro (37), TSX Nano (07), TSX Naza (08) and the TER of Twido PLC.
TSXPCX3030 + can be used for Modicon TSX Series PLC and PC, connect with TSX Premium (57), TSX Micro (37), TSX Nano (07), TSX Naza (08) and the TER of Twido PLC. Introduction TSXPCX3030+ i..
TSXPCU1030:RS232 Schneider PLC programming cable
RS232 interface Schneider PLC programming cable,RS232/RS485 interface,3 meters,master station mode. Not isolated,so it doesn't support hot plug,if need isolated cable,pls choose TSXPCU1030+,yo..
TSXPCU1030+: optoelectronic isolated TSXPCU1030 cable
optoelectronic isolated TSXPCU1030 cable The quality is guaranteed.It's tested before shippment.Not made by Schneider,OEM product as the replacement. ..
TSX08PRGCAB: RS232/RS485 cable for Schneider PLC programming
RS232/RS485 interface cable for Schneider PLC programming,3 meters,with master/slave switch,used for programming communication or other communication such as MODBUS. The quality is guaranteed...
TSXPCX3030:USB/RS485 cable for TSX Preminum, Micro, Nano, Naza, Twido PLC
USB/RS485 interface cable for Schneider PLC programming,2.5 meters,with master/slave switch,connect the TER and AUX port of PLC,the largest communication distance of up to 2 kilometers. Not made ..
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